Commercial Refrigeration Repair Los Angeles

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Los Angeles

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Los Angeles

When running a catering company, cafeteria, small bakery, grocery store or any food supplying business, keeping the food supplies fresh is crucial. While most food supplies can be stored in boxes, fruits, and vegetables, dairy products, drinks, cooked food, etc. have to be kept in a refrigeration system to ensure that it does not get spoiled.

Unfortunately, issues don’t tell before they arrive. You could walk into work one day, and find out that your refrigeration system not functioning properly. Before you know it, the fruits and vegetables have gone stale, the milk spoils and the butter has melted away. This can be a disaster for any business, as not only will you be unable to make sales during the day, but will also have to incur the cost of damaged goods.

Whether a strange smell or noise is coming from your refrigerator, it has stopped working due to power overload, or you have a malfunctioning compressor or thermostat, you need to fix a broken refrigeration system before your kitchen becomes a mess.

Unlike other small home improvement and repair tasks, fixing a broken refrigerator is not a job for amateurs. The parts of a refrigeration system are complex and you need to hire a commercial refrigeration repair company, to ensure that the work has been done reliably.

If you’re looking for a commercial refrigeration repair company in Los Angeles, you can reach out to us at LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co.. We are a team of experienced technicians that are skilled at repairing refrigeration systems.

Experienced team

With over thirty-five years of experience installation and repair of home appliances, we are skilled to handle different types and technologies of refrigeration systems. From minute to complex repairs, our team of professionals can efficiently detect and fix the issue.

High-quality products

Using low-quality parts in a refrigeration system may fix it temporarily, but it will impact the overall functions and life of your system. To avoid the need for frequent repairs and the additional cost, the job must be carried out efficiently the first time.

When there are parts in a refrigeration system that need replacement, we supplement them with high-quality parts to ensure the long life of your commercial refrigeration system.

Available 24/7

We understand that a refrigeration system that needs fixing, can disrupt your business and your daily life. This is why we provide same-day repairs for the convenience of our customers. Moreover, we offer our services 24/7, considering that a need for repairs can arise at any time.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and reasonable. All the expenses incurred on the repair and the fee of the repairman are broken down for the customer. Moreover, we provide a free cost estimate, so that you can make an informed choice.

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