Wine Coolers Repair Services In Los Angeles

Having trouble with your wine cooler? We are the right company to call. We have over 30 years of experience in these types of repair. We are equipped with the right tools and experienced workers that can surely help you with the repair of your wine cooler in Los Angeles.

A wine cooler is an essential must-have for those people who love wines. It is the best option to have if you can’t afford a wine cellar. Wine coolers chill wine to optimum temperatures and humidity preserving its natural taste and goodness. A messed up wine cooler can cause change on the wine’s natural taste which will make your wine drinking experience awful.

Common Issues with Wine Coolers

The wine cooler is not cooling

Depending on the model and the duration of its use, this common issue is usually caused by the failure of some components to function. It can be the compressor, motor, evaporator, thermostat, or its electrical components.

The doors won’t close

This issue may be caused by imbalance surface areas or dirty door gaskets and more.

The wine cooler is making noises

Some pops and cracks are normal due to temperature changes but too much-vibrating noises and other unnatural cooler noises can be a big concern. If encountered, immediately call for service.

The wine cooler won’t turn on

This could be caused by a variety of reasons. Make sure that there are no problems in the electrical connections such as faulty wires, fuses, damaged breakers, and loose power cords.

The wine cooler is leaking water

Some models of wine cooler may leak water if its doors are not properly closed. Unclosed doors can cause condensation to some cold parts of the system. But if the doors are not the issue, it is best to seek professional help.

Wine Coolers Maintenance Tips

The location of the placement for the wine cooler affects the efficiency of the cooler. The proper placement of the cooler will enable the cooler to perform at its best.

Proper Installation

The installation of the cooler plays a very vital role in its performance. The improper installation of the cooler may lead to future problems that will surely affect the cooler’s performance

Do not overload

Overloading coolers will add extra workload to its motor. Constant overloading will cause the cooler to fail.

Proper cleaning

Cleanliness is a big factor for a cooler’s performance. Keeping the cooler clean will keep its performance at optimum levels.

With us, an issue about wine coolers is just a piece of cake. Our company is composed of professional technicians equipped with the right knowledge and skills to cover your needs for the repair of your wine coolers. Our team of professionals is trained to detect all kinds of issues about wine coolers and execute the best solutions possible to satisfy our customer’s needs as soon as possible. We will make sure that your wine will stay at its best taste and flavor.

If you are experiencing an issue and trouble with your wine cooler, call us ASAP for the quickest and the most reliable repair of your wine cooler. We understand that such issues and troubles are a great inconvenience in your daily busy life that’s why we’re here.