Oven Repair Service in LA

While your kitchen inventory is functioning well, you rarely think about the consequences of its breaking. Your oven or stove may fail to work at any time. Unexpected breaking of your appliances causes extra spending for food delivery or takeaway meals. None would like to eat microwave sandwiches three times per day.


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service in Los Angeles will bring your cooking technologies back to life. We offer affordable prices for repair services of your oven, stove, and other inventory in LA. You can contact us, and our specialists will come to your place and implement the diagnostics of any cooking object. In any case, we’ll provide excellent service as our employees are skilled and qualified engineers ready to find the best way out of any issue.


The most common reasons of oven breaking are the following:

  • uneven or improper heat;
  • complete heat absence;
  • no light in burners;
  • thermostat failure.

LA Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service have all the means for diagnostics and all the means for further repair. If some element needs replacement, we’ll provide you with the quality original detail for the supplier price. We are specializing in both electric and gas stoves of any model and construction.


One of the benefits that you can count on turning to us is the warranty package. This is our key advantage among competitors. You’ll get a month-guarantee on all the range of services completed. The guarantee period for the replaced details is 90 days. Thus, if you will come back to the solved issue again, we’ll complete the double check and repair without charge.

Oven installation procedure

You can turn to us in case if you need to install new kitchen appliances. While making a phone order, point out that you need to complete an installation so that our technician will bring the set of tools for all the works. We can set safe and secure gas and electric system, and guarantee the best result.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our managers will provide you with all the necessary information.