Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Los Angeles

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Los Angeles

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Los Angeles

During the summers, the weather in Los Angeles can get quite hot. While it is impossible to avoid the heat and sweat outdoors, getting an air conditioning system inside your home or office can keep you cool.

Once you’ve selected the air conditioning system that fits your needs, you will need to ensure that it is efficiently installed. When installed correctly, an air conditioning system works on its optimum level. While an improper installation can lead to issues like leaking ducts, improper refrigerant charging, and low airflow; in which case your air conditioning system will eventually need repairs.

While you might want to consider handling small repairs on your air conditioning system by yourself, it is a better idea to hire a professional. Air Conditioning systems usually work on high current, which is why it can be dangerous to tamper with them without the knowledge of how the system works. You need to hire a professional air conditioning installation and repair company, to ensure that both installation and repairs are completed safely and efficiently.

At L. A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co., we pride ourselves on our knowledge of air conditioning systems of various types and brands. From split systems and package units to commercial air conditioning systems, we can carry out installation and repair for different systems. Moreover, we can ensure that you will not have to bear additional expenses on repairs, due to faulty installations.

From circuit breakers, fuses, leaks, improper refrigerant charging, to failure of electronic controls of your AC, there are many air conditioning problems that you can face. We are capable of detecting the issue with your AC and fixing it quickly and reliably. Moreover, we have the right equipment required for the job and we only use high-quality spare products in cases of replacement.

Our technicians are polite and professional and will explain the cause and solution to you, before starting the work. We follow a transparent pricing policy, and also provide a free estimate of installation and repair costs. Moreover, we are available for same-day repairs and are arrive punctually for our appointments. After a long day at work, it can be frustrating if you come home and find that your air conditioning system is not functioning well. Worry not, we understand that it can be difficult to manage without an air conditioning system at any time of the day, and provide 24/7 AC installation and repair services to our customers.

At L. A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co., we have a customer-oriented approach towards our work. We strive for customer satisfaction and provide exceptional after-sales services to our customers.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are moving to a new house, buying a new air conditioning system, or need repairs on an existing AC, reach out to us at L. A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co.

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