Walk-In Freezer Repair Services In Los Angeles

Walk-in freezers are essential for businesses that are connected with food and beverages. This type of freezer acts as storage for perishable materials. A disturbance in the operation of the freezer will surely cause a significant amount of loss and damage to the inventory of the business. Good thing our company specializes in this kind of repairs and maintenance.

Walk-in freezer repair and maintenance is our company’s forte. With over 30 years of experience in walk-in freezer repair and maintenance, we assure efficient and effective solutions to your walk-in freezer needs.

Being the leader in the walk-in freezer repair business in Los Angeles, we provide quick, effective and efficient walk-in freezer repair and maintenance at a very suitable and affordable price. There ain’t no freezer too big for us!

A walk-in freezer is an essential must-have for businesses such as restaurants and resorts. It is also the type of freezer used for a household that is big enough to store huge amounts of perishable products. Walk-in freezers act as storage for huge amounts of perishable materials that need cold storage. Significant damage or even just a disturbance on the performance of the freezer can create huge damage to the stored products. It can cause the spoilage of the products inside the freezer which will lead to a waste of materials and loss of money. Money floss is a big thing that’s why we’re here to repair and prevent losses for you.

Common Issues with Walk-in freezer

Lack of power

There are lots of possible reasons for power loss in a walk-in freezer. It could be that there is a break on the circuitry of the freezer; there could be damage in the motor or in the electrical system of the freezer and many more. Luckily we are equipped with the right manpower with the expertise on these kinds of problems.

Temperature too high

A walk-in freezer can store a huge amount of products. Overloading a freezer with products can cause it to have trouble catching up with its temperature. Overloading will put too much load on the freezer which can easily damage its temperature balancing. Another reason could be a damaged thermostat.

Walk-in freezer motor is constantly running

This issue usually indicates a leak in the system of the freezer which causes the escape of cooled air allowing warm air to get replace it which means that the motor needs to keep working to cool the air inside. It will surely cause a big spike on your electricity bill.

Ice build-up

This issue can also be caused by a leak in the system that allows moisture in which will then condense on the cold parts and form ice. It can also be caused by other underlying problems that only technicians can diagnose.

Ice build-up in the drain pan

A clogged drain can cause significant damage to the system of a walk-in freezer. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid future major damages.

Maintaining A Walk-In Freezer


The most important point to remember when maintaining a walk-in freezer. It is said that a machine that is kept clean and tidy always performs at its best.

Good inspection inside the freezer

Make sure that all door hinges and seals are well maintained. Leaks in the freezer can cause the motor to keep running and it can also cause the build-up of ice inside the freezer.

Daily monitor of the freezer’s temperature

Monitoring the freezer’s daily temperature will help you determine if there are any flaws in your freezer system.

Walk-In Freezer Repair & Maintenance Services In Los Angeles

Walk-in freezers should always stay cool. Our team of professionals is trained to diagnose all kinds of issues concerning walk-in freezers and execute the best solutions possible to satisfy our customer’s needs as soon as possible. We will make sure that your freezers stay cool, like us.

If you are experiencing an issue and trouble with your walk-in freezer, call us ASAP for the quickest and the most reliable repair of your freezer.

We understand that such issues and troubles are great inconveniences in your daily business that’s why we’re here. We promise to keep your freezers cool, like us!