Beer Coolers Repair Services In Los Angeles

Being the leader in the beer cooler repair business in Los Angeles, we provide quick, effective and efficient beer cooler repair at a very suitable and affordable price. May it be big or small as long as it is for booze cooling we got it!

A beer cooler is an essential must-have for people who live the life of a party animal. It is also essential for those people who just love the cold alcoholic refreshment a beer provides. Beer coolers chill the beer to optimum temperatures preserving its natural taste and goodness that beer lovers love. A messed up beer cooler can mess up the beer’s natural taste which will take your beer drinking to a bitter road. You don’t want that, do you?

General Problem with Beer Coolers

The beer cooler is not cooling
Depending on the model and the duration of the cooler’s use, this common issue is usually caused by the failure of some components to function. It can be the compressor, the fan motor, evaporator, thermostat, or its electrical components.

The beer cooler’s doors won’t close.
This issue may be caused by imbalance surface areas or dirty door gaskets and more. Basically just mechanical factors.

The beer cooler is making noises
Some pops and cracks are normal due to temperature changes but too much vibration and other unnatural cooler noises are another issues and it can be a big one. It can be problems that are connected to the main motor of the system, a problem in the compressor, etc.. If encountered, immediately call for service.

The beer cooler won’t turn on
This could be caused by a variety of reasons. Make sure that there are no problems in the electrical connections such as faulty wires, fuses, damaged breakers, and loose power cords. For portable beer coolers, make sure that internal electrical wirings are in good condition and are not wet.

The beer cooler is leaking water
Some models of beer cooler may leak water if its doors are not properly closed. Unclosed doors can cause condensation to some cold parts of the system. But if the doors are not the issue, it is best to seek professional help.

Beer cooler issues are just a walk in the park for us. Our company is composed of professional technicians equipped with the right knowledge and skills to cover your needs on the repair of your beer coolers.

Beer Cooler Repair Company Near Me

Our team of professionals are trained to detect all kinds of issues about beer coolers and execute the best solutions possible to satisfy our customer’s needs as soon as possible. We will make sure that your beer will stay at its best flavor and goodness.

If you are experiencing an issue and trouble with your beer cooler, call us ASAP for the quickest and the most reliable repair of your beer cooler.

We understand that such issues and troubles are great inconvenience in your daily busy life that’s why we’re here. No one likes a warm beer, that’s for sure.