Commercial appliance repair Los Angeles

Commercial Appliance Repair Services Los Angeles

Commercial Appliance Repair Services Los Angeles

Using electronic appliances helps us save a lot of time and energy that is spent on doing regular chores. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or the general manager of a company in the food and hospitality industry, many appliances are used on a daily basis. If any of these appliances are not functioning properly, it can lead to discomfort and even losses on the job. It is crucial for your business that these appliances are fixed promptly and efficiently.

It is true that, when electronic appliances in your commercial building are not working efficiently, it can get in the way of your work. However, if you hire inexperienced and unskilled technicians then it can lead to a further delay in work, caused by faulty repairs. Moreover, trying to repair electronic appliances with no or half knowledge can lead to further damage to the appliance. This is why it is crucial that you hire licensed and certified professionals.

At L.A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co., with thirty-five years of experience in the industry, we can efficiently handle repairs of various appliances, including wine, flower, and beer coolers, commercial freezers, ice machines,  air conditioning systems, and refrigerator systems.

We provide our commercial application repair services to both big and small companies and have a trail of happy customers. You can read the customer testimonials and reviews on our website, to get a better idea of our customer service.

  • Our reasonable pricing and transparent billing is another reason behind our success in the Los Angeles area.
  • We value time and are never late for repair appointments. Our professionals are available to serve you 24/7 and provide same-day repairs. Moreover, we are flexible and can adjust the time for repairs, according to your schedule.
  • Our technicians are professional and polite. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with our service.
  • We use high-quality parts to fix the broken appliances, in order to avoid the frequent need for repairs.

The appliances used for commercial purposes are required to handle extensive work. While they work in a similar fashion as residential appliances, they are more complex in design.

We have the right equipment and training required to handle appliances used for extensive work.

Moreover, different appliances vary in mechanism and you need an expert technician to have the knowledge of these and fix them. At L.A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co. we have practically worked on different models of the various appliances used at a commercial restaurant, bar, wine store, and retail store.

If you’re looking for commercial appliance repair services in the Los Angeles area, give us a call here. We’ll be happy to help!

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