Appliance repair in Compton, California

L.A. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is one of the best appliance installation and repair companies in Compton. We have been serving the area for the past 30 years and have a trail of happy customers. The reliability of our work and our exceptional customer service are the reason behind our success in the industry.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Commercial appliances are bigger and more complex than the appliances used at home. A technician needs a higher level of skill to repair them. We are experienced and trained to handle commercial projects and charge our clients reasonably.

Commercial Freezer Repair

A freezer needs to be just the right temperature to quickly freeze food and to keep it frozen. However, if your commercial freezer is broken then you could in trouble. Storage of ice cream and other easily melting items will become difficult. Moreover, if you’ve stored frozen peas and other supplies, then they could go stale. To avoid such a mess, you can contact our team to fix the freezer when you notice even a slight problem in the functions. We will fix the issue for you.

Ice Machine Repair

On a hot summer evening in LA, receiving orders for ‘whiskey on the rocks’ is not so uncommon. However, if your ice machine is broken, you could either end up disappointing your customers or spending money on buying some ice for drinks and juices. A better solution would be to hire us and let us repair your ice machine! Our team is available 24/7 to handle emergency repairs.

Flower Cooler Repair

A floral cooler’s average temperature is somewhere between 34 to 36 Fahrenheit. It can even go up to 38. If your flower cooler is fluctuating 5 degrees above or below this average, then it could destroy the flowers. Give us a call on time and avoid damage.

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Air conditioning systems operate on high current and must not be tampered by amateur technicians. Repairing an air conditioning system is a dangerous task and can lead to loss of life and belongings. This is why, instead of turning it into a DIY project, you should contact us so that we can safely repair your air conditioning system.

Wine Cooler Repair

If you’re running a wine store and your cooler has suddenly stopped working, then that’s a bummer. But don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll immediately assign certified and capable professionals for the work.

Beer Cooler Repair

No beer is better than a lukewarm beer. Save your bar’s reputation and get your beer cooler fixed before you start losing loyal customers. Give us a call for an appliance check.

Warranty Jobs

If your manufacturer has not been responding to your repair request on products under warranty, we can help you out by completing your manufacturer’s job.

HVAC Installation And Repair

Properly installed HVAC systems can help you save energy, avoid performance issues and damage to the appliance, and has an increased life cycle. Reap these benefits by hiring our trained installation professionals.


Salad Bar Restaurant Equipment

To ensure that your salad, bar, and restaurant equipment are in the best condition, give us a call and book a maintenance appointment.