Refrigeration & Air Conditioning repair in West Hollywood, California

We’re the go-to repair company in West Hollywood, Ca. Our team gets the job done on the same day. We’re working with a team of professionals in the Refrigeration and Air conditioning industry.

Commercial Appliance Repair

When you encounter issues with one of your commercial appliances, it can create serious problems. Loss of income is one of them because of your production being halted or perishables spoiling because of your refrigerator or freezer acting up. Lucky for you, your problems can easily be resolved by us, a refrigeration and air conditioning company.

Commercial Freezer Repair

If your commercial freezer is showing signs of malfunctioning or any issues, contact us immediately. We are a refrigeration and air conditioning company that’s based in the West Hollywood, CA area. Our professional technicians will immediately be there, ready to be of your service.

Ice Machine Repair

When your commercial ice machine isn’t working at an optimal rate or isn’t producing ice cubes at all, then it’s time for you to call us. We offer a comprehensive list of ice machine repair services that are affordable yet quick and reliable.

Flower Cooler Repair

When you see that your flower cooler is having a hard time maintaining or attaining a specific temperature, it’s time to get it looked at – time to contact us. Set an appointment with us and we’ll send a professional technician to assist you with your problem.

One benefit of working with us is that you can set our appointments at your convenience. That way, we are not disrupting your business, as well as your personal life.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Air Conditioning unit installation requires precision and skill. Both qualities that our experts can provide. Rather than exposing yourself to risks of injury, if you’re in the West Hollywood, CA area, why not employ our services and we’ll get one of our highly skilled technicians to do the installation for you.

Wine Coolers Repair

We are the leading wine cooler repair business in West Hollywood, CA area, providing quick, effective and efficient wine cooler repair at a very suitably affordable price. May it be big or small we got it!

Beer Coolers Repair

Beer isn’t cooling enough? We are just the perfect company to call. With over 30 years of experience in these types of repair, we assure you the best outcomes from our repair. We are equipped with the right tools and experienced workers that can surely help you with the repair of your beer cooler.

Warranty Jobs

If you’re in need of warranty jobs and are in the West Hollywood, CA area, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide a comprehensive list of warranty jobs ranging from refrigerators, air condition units, coolers, ice machines, and many more.

HVAC Installation and Repair

Our team uses the right tools, quality parts, and we only dispatch highly experienced technicians to work on your HVAC needs. Give us a quick call or send us an e-mail if you want to know more about our services.

Salad Bar Restaurant Equipment

Make sure that the vegetables are always chill and fresh by having us conduct routine maintenance on your bar equipment, as well as to conduct repairs if necessary.