Refrigeration & Air Conditioning West Lake, California

As the leading refrigeration and air conditioning repair company in West Lake, California, we believe that it is our duty to offer reliable services to our customers and ensure their satisfaction. Our team of technicians is professional, skilled, and reliable. We are available for same-day repairs and provide transparent pricing so that the customer can make an informed choice when selecting a company.

Commercial Appliance Repair

From wine and beer coolers to an air conditioning system, the demands of an operating restaurant, cafe, or retail store and wine shop are plenty. When all commercial appliances installed in business are functioning at their best, the business runs smoothly and moves towards success. To ensure that one broken appliance doesn’t break the operational harmony of your restaurant, our skilled professionals have gained knowledge and experience that aids them in fixing complex repairs quickly and efficiently. Need appliance repairs? Give us a call.

Commercial Freezer Repair

Something is wrong with your commercial freezer, but you don’t know if its the compressor, motor, or something else? Contact us and our professional will detect the problem and fix it for you, that is, after giving you a free cost estimate.

Ice Machine Repair

Whether you have a clogged filter or broken water inlet valve, we have fixed it before and can do it again. With 30 years of experience in the industry, there are no repairs on an ice machine that our technicians can’t fix. Contact us and see it for yourself.

Flower Cooler Repair

Flowers are delicate, and once their stem has been disconnected from the plant, there’s only one way to keep them fresh. Storing them at the right temperature in a flower cooler. But what if your flower cooler’s temperature keeps fluctuating? In that case, contact us and our skilled professionals can fix your flower cooler.

Air Conditioning Installation And Repair

If the central AC system of your office has broken down during a heat spell, then you need experts to carry out the repair. Why look somewhere else, when our trained and experienced professionals are at your service in West Lake, California.

Wine Cooler Repair

A broken wine cooler on a Saturday night at the bar is the bar owner’s worst nightmare. It might seem like you’re in the ditches with a big problem on your hands. When in fact, the solution is simple. Hire us and we’ll fix your wine cooler on the same day.

Beer Cooler Repair

If warm wine can be annoying, nobody would even like to try a warm beer. If you have a broken beer cooler, call us and we’ll fix it.

Warranty Jobs

If there are some damaged parts of your commercial appliances under warranty that are damaged beyond repair, we will use high-quality spare parts for replacement. This way you won’t have to bear the problem of frequent repairs, which can be an issue when technicians use low-quality spares. ur focus is on keeping your new appliance, working smoothly for as long as possible.

HVAC Installation And Repair

An HVAC unit with faulty installation will certainly break down before it should. Avoid frequent repair costs and permanent damage to the HVAC system, by hiring our experienced team of professionals for the installation. We have the skills and the right tools to quickly and efficiently complete the work.