Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Marina del Rey, California

We are a team of refrigeration and air conditioning system experts providing our services in Marina del Rey, California. We have a customer-oriented approach towards our work and focus on the satisfaction and convenience of our customers.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Improper installations, wear and tear over time, fluctuating current supply, etc are just some reasons that could lead to damage to your commercial appliances. When running a business keeping your appliance in their best condition is necessary. So if you’re looking for skilled professionals for repair service, then we are your best bet at finding reliable work at transparent prices.

Commercial Freezer Repair

As your commercial freezer gets older, you will start facing performance issue. The cooling may not be efficient, it could start leaking, or stop functioning altogether. This does not mean that it is good for nothing, it means that it needs to be fixed. With the knowledge of various models and types of commercial freezers, our skilled technicians are just the right people for the job.

 Ice Machine Repair

There is simply no replacement of ice when it comes to drinks, on a hot summer day. This is why there can be no breaks in the availability of ice at your bar or restaurant. If your ice machine is broken, then get it fixed before you have to disappoint your customers. Give us a call and we guarantee quick repair service for your ice machine.

 Flower Cooler Repair

Low freon levels, faulty gaskets, and seals are issues with flower coolers that need the attention of a qualified technician. We have experienced professionals for the task and hiring them can save you from DIY fails.

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Came home from work to find that your air conditioning system isn’t cooling? Don’t worry, you won’t have to bear sleeping with the air conditioning on a hot summer night. Give us a call, and we’ll see you soon.

Wine Cooler Repair

The door of your wine cooler must be closed properly, in order to ensure that the wine stored inside stays chill. However, what will you do if it jams up and doesn’t close? Well, just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.

Beer Cooler Repair

Has your beer cooler stopped working all of sudden? As leaders at beer cooler repairs in Los Angeles, we guarantee that there is nothing wrong with your beer cooler, that our professionals can’t fix. Give us a chance to prove our skills.

Warranty Jobs

Do not want to go through the process of persuading your manufacturer for weeks, to fix an appliance under warranty? Our technicians can fix it on the same day, at just one call.

HVAC Installation And Repair

Proper heating, ventilation, and conditioning are key to surviving the changing climate and extreme weather. To ensure comfort during all seasons, hire our professional team to carry out installations, maintenance, and repair work of your HVAC system, as and when needed.

Salad Bar Restaurant Equipment

As kitchen and bar appliances get older, they are likely to start needing frequent repair. Avoid extensive damages and slow down the wear and tear of appliances, by hiring us for maintenance checks from the beginning.