Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Inglewood, California

Operating in the refrigeration and air conditioning installation and repair market in Inglewood, California, we are one of the most trusted service providers in the area. Our team of technicians is skilled and experienced. Moreover, we use the latest equipment in the market to conduct all our repair jobs.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Hiring the same technician that handles minute problems in your residential appliances to repair commercial appliances, can be a grave mistake. Our team of professional have and knowledge of commercial models of appliances and experience at repairing them. We can dispatch our team whenever you need it and fix the issue promptly. Our knowledge enables us to make fault-free and efficient repairs.

Commercial Freezer Repair

If you’re running an ice cream shop, then even a small issue in the functioning of your freezer can lead to losses. Give us a call and we can fix the issue behind fluctuating temperature in your commercial freezer.

Ice Machine Repair

Considering how hot it gets in LA during the summers, it is impossible to sell drinks without an ice-machine at the workstation. If your ice machine is not working, then you need to immediately hire our services and sit back and enjoy a mojito as we fix your ice machine.

Flower Cooler Repair

Flowers are used at many events to decorate the venue. If these flowers do not look fresh, they can spoil the vibe and look of the entire event. This is why you must have your flower cooler working efficiently when you store the flowers that will be used later. If by chance, it isn’t working properly, contact us and our knowledgeable professionals will detect the issue.

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Decided to get an air conditioning system for your entire house? Looking for a trustworthy installation company to hire? Look no more. Our professional technicians are at your service.

Wine Cooler Repair

Wine cooler is not working efficiently? Miss the feel of cold wine on your tongue? Give us a call, and we’ll fix the rest.

Beer Cooler Repair

Most people avoid hard drinks and stick to a bottle of beer after a stressful day at work. As chilled beer slips down their throat, they feel relief. What happens if your beer cooler is broken and the beer is warm when you come home? Disappointing, right? Worry not, our professionals have fixed beer coolers plenty of times, and can effortlessly fix yours too!

Warranty Jobs

If your air conditioning system or any other appliance broke down or is in the need for repairs, less than a year after its purchase, then it could possibly be under manufacturer warranty.

HVAC Installation And Repair

A badly working HVAC system can cause a lot of discomforts, which is why it is essential to fix it promptly. Sometimes, HVAC system repairs including replacement of leaking ducts and other system components. Our HVAC experts have integrity and use high-quality spare parts to ensure that your appliance does not need frequent repairs. Contact us and we can give you a free cost estimate and break down the prices for your reference.

Salad Bar Restaurant Equipment

Our team conducts maintenance visits, to make sure that you are not caught off guard by an appliance that needs repairs, on the busiest day of business.