Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Culver City, California

With an experience of more than 30 years, we are experts at installation and repair jobs in refrigeration & air conditioning. We provide quality, flexible, and affordable services and cater to customers in the Culver City, California area.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Unlike residential appliances when a commercial appliance is broken, the user faces business loss along with inconvenience. Depending upon the functional use of the broken appliance, the losses increase as days pass without fixing the appliance. Our team understands the importance of timely commercial appliance repair, which is why we offer same day and 24/7 services to customers. If you urgently need a skilled technician to repair a commercial appliance, call us.

Commercial Freezer Repair

Did you notice some water leaking out of your commercial freezer? Chances are that it isn’t working properly, hence the ice has melted and is flowing out of the freezer. Our team comes prepared with exceptional appliance repair skills and great repairing tools and can rescue you from a messy kitchen. Contact us now.

Ice Machine Repair

A broken ice machine can create chaos in any bar. How many times can you afford to disappoint customers, because you don’t have ice? Don’t let half-frozen ice come in the way of your work. Call us and get your ice-machine repaired, ASAP.

Flower Cooler Repair

Save your stock of flowers before they perish and lose all their beauty. Smile a little, we can repair your flower cooler for thee!

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Improper installation of an air conditioning system can lead to problems like leaking ducts, improper refrigerant charging, overconsumption of power, and many more. Our team is trained and experienced at the installation and repairs of air conditioning systems of various types. By hiring us, you can ensure that the work is completed reliably and avoid the additional cost of frequent repairs.

Wine Cooler Repair

Many technicians do not have the knowledge of different models of wine coolers. Letting them work on your wine coolers can lead to more damage than repairs. Hire our qualified technicians and see the difference.

Beer Cooler Repair

Why rant over a warm beer when you can get your bar cooler repaired, at your timings. Yes, we decide the time of repairs according to your schedule.

 Warranty Jobs

Appliance manufacturers often delay repairs on products sold under warranty. Delay in the repair of regularly used appliances like air conditioning system, HVAC system, refrigeration system, etc. can become a reason for the discomfort of the users and may even lead to losses when the appliance is used for commercial purposes. Our technicians are certified to carry out repairs on products under warranty and can save the day by completing the job quickly and efficiently.

HVAC Installation And Repair

Duct cleaning, installation, pilot or ignition problems, unusual furnace noises, and blown fuses, we are capable of handling it all. For reliable HVAC related services, all you have to do is call.

Salad Bar Restaurant Equipment

By continuing regular maintenance checks with our team you can prevent a minute problem with your machine from turning into expensive damage.